About us

As well as tasting great, coffee and tea have a myriad of health benefits, all leading to a longer and healthy life, the result being an increase in lifespan, but more importantly healthspan.

There are a growing number of scientific studies that prove that drinking coffee and tea regularly is the right choice for your health. Unfortunately, this information isn’t always shared and age-old tales of the caffeine in both tea and coffee causing heart issues are still spread, and unfortunately believed.

The GeroCoffee Company’s’ aim is to right that wrong by providing a “Longevity Hub” where you can not only buy quality coffees and teas, but also read reviews of these scientific studies as you enjoy our offerings.

At GeroCoffee all our specialty coffees and teas are organically grown, ethically sourced, and more importantly to ensure freshness, roasted to order. This means that it only takes between 7 & 10 days from order to delivery, so it’s delivered FRESH and flavorful.

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